Ethereal Day 2 Live Blog

Just arrived back at the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn for Day 2 of Ethereal, first speakers getting ready to start.

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day.  The Golem demo is starting soon I’m going to go to that.


Golem demo was really interesting.   The highlight is that their first business case – video rendering services – is faster and cheaper than current centralized systems like Blender.   This is promising for the future of the technology / other potential applications, but there is still a lot left to go.  I need more time to write up everything I learned.

After that I went to a talk by the AdChain team about ‘Token Curated Registries’ – a really interesting concept with a few projects now live on the ethereum main net.

Then AdChain went through a demo of their platform, followed by a talk with Joe Lubin, and afterwards a demo of ‘web 3.0’ by the Toshi product lead at Coinbase.

His presentation showed a version of the Toshi mobile wallet with a few coins, the #2 coin was BAT.  I’ve mentioned this before that I thought BAT would be added to Coinbase – I think the promise looks really good.

Really interesting Q&A.  Somebody asked if they planned for desktop – he didn’t say it was on their roadmap specifically – and he even said he thinks other browsers will solve this ‘gap’ between mobile and desktop.  This makes me believe they are planning on something like Brave Browser (BAT’s browser) potentially accomplishing this.

Overall really bullish.  Next going to a talk called ‘Blockchain as an Artistic Medium’ – overlaps with my idea for a decentralized mapping / photography project.


Lots of stuff happened that I’m recapping in a future post.  I did a few other things during Blockchain Week including a BAT meetup with Brenden Eich and Consensus Day 3.  Thoughts coming on all of that soon.