Important People to Follow – 

ETH Core Team

@vitalikbuterin  (Creator, Ethereum)
@vladzamfir (ETH Core Team, focus on POS, very outspoken and honest)
@karl_dot_tech (ETH Core Team)

Trading Analysts

@btc_schmitcoin (Really smart guy)
@nictrades (Really smart girl)
@johnbollinger (Really smart TA)
@peterlbrandt (Really smart investment philosphy / advice)
@novogratz (Really smart crypto bull)

Industry Analysts

@naval (Industry Guru)
@ethereumJoseph (Co-creator Ethereum; Founder of Consensys)

Important Subreddits

Important Reddit Users


For starters, check out Vitalik Buterin (@vitalikbuterin) and Joe Lubin (@ethereumJoseph)