ETH Rises Past Resistance @ $420

ETH continues to show positive price movement, breaking past $420 and currently sitting at $423.

This increases my confidence that the bottom was hit last week.

Regardless, I’d like to focus the rest of this week on the fundamental reasons for investing in ETH.  I think it will be helpful to lay out in detail why I think ETH is a good investment.

I’ll break down everything in more detail – for now I can confidently say that 95% of projects in the crypto space are bullshit.  I want to explain why the 5% – the legitimate portion – are about to change the world.

Ethereum is far different – and I’d argue far more interesting – than Bitcoin.  Over the next few days I’ll explain why.

2 thoughts on “ETH Rises Past Resistance @ $420

  1. Looking forward to your thoughts on the future of crypto or on blockchain to be more specific. Really.

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