ETH Back Above $800; Regulatory Meeting Monday

Coinbase Anticipates 100% Growth Over Next Few Months

Yesterday Coinbase announced that their transaction capacity increased by 1000x last year.  They expect growth to continue with a doubling of transactions over the next few months.  This supports my idea that ETH has a lot more room to run / explode.


Important SEC/CFTC Meeting on 5/7

The SEC and CFTC are meeting on Monday to discuss whether cryptocurrencies like Ethereum should be regulated as securities.  To me it’s clear that ETH is NOT a security and should not be regulated like it.  This is the majority opinion across people in the crypto world – one supported by Ethereum’s core team.  This result of this meeting could very well send ripples through the entire cryptocurrency market.

Joe Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum, has come out publicly against the treatment of Ethereum as a security.  He believes regulators don’t truly understand what Ethereum is and that it shouldn’t be grouped with other types of cryptocurrencies whose purpose is ‘currency.’  Lubin argues that Ether is not a ‘currency’ – it’s the ‘fuel’ required to run the Ethereum platform.