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My first few posts have been focusing on price movements / investing.  I’m not a day trader, and don’t recommend that to anyone.

Right now my investment strategy is pretty simple – buy and hold.  This is due to a strong belief we’ll see $2k+ ETH by end of year.

I will continue to update with posts related to price movements (I find it fascinating) but I think it’s important the focus of this blog be about the underlying technology and potential implications.

That’s truly what gets me excited.  This technology is revolutionary – but why?  What new use-cases does it allow for?

It’s my opinion that these new use-cases, which are still in development – are game changers to current business models.

This is the underlying reason why I think Blockchain, and specifically Ethereum, has such massive upside.

A whole new internet is about to be born – one that has better economics for end users than the current one.

Think Facebook.  Facebook owns all your content and is reselling your personal data – for nothing in return.  This is an outdated model.

The current internet is broken – and it’s about to evolve.

Why is Facebook’s model outdated?  Because the social networks of the future – instead of abusing you – will actually be paying you.

And right now, this new internet is being built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Much more on this to come.

As I’m posting this, ETH broke below $390 & BTC below $7500 – hold onto your butts.  Still think we’ll see a positive Friday/weekend.

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